Is solar energy profitable?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Photovoltaic solar energy is a viable and profitable reality in our country, Spain. In this article we are going to assess some of the reasons why solar energy is the most beneficial current alternative for electricity consumption.

How to determine the profitability of solar panels

To evaluate the profitability of solar panels in a space, it is important to take into account a series of factors that will influence the response. The first factor is the price of solar panels. We recommend that you bet on products that offer great profitability and are made with quality materials. In Spain, a 1 kWp installation should produce around 1,500 kWh per year. It is true that, in recent years, the price of solar panels has fallen and has become more competitive and accessible to many. Another factor that influences is the price of the installation itself. And in this aspect, we recommend that you don’t skimp because an incorrect installation can lead to unnecessary problems. The slope of the roof or the structure in which the solar panels are going to be located and the amount of shade that falls on them, is another aspect that is taken into account to calculate their profitability. To specify the necessary size of the photovoltaic installation, you can make an analysis of the usual consumption of electricity bills. The more electricity consumed during the day, the more profitable solar energy is. Another possible expense is the maintenance of solar panels. Although practically this is non-existent. Cleaning them from time to time and making sure there are no foreign elements above or below them would be enough. In short, the useful life of a solar panel installation is between 25 and 30 years and, on many occasions, it can exceed the average thanks to the quality of the product. The investment is definitely worth it. Specifically, the return on investment will be in the medium term; but from the first day of its installation, it is already assuming considerable energy and economic savings in electricity consumption.

Profitability of solar energy

Currently we have already reached the point where it is not more profitable to wait than to invest in an installation of solar panels. Why? Basically because the savings involved in waiting for next year is not greater than the energy and economic savings involved in having the installation of solar panels from today. We consume more and more electricity. The increase in technology consumption is directly linked to the increase in electricity consumption. And not only that, more and more homes, work and leisure centers are trying to bet on more sustainable solutions. The future in a certain way and in this sense is solar. We will seek electricity for many of the daily practices that we carry out: using our computers and mobile phones, home appliances, stoves and air conditioners, home automation systems for smart homes that also seek savings and even cars and other vehicles will need to be connected to photovoltaic panels. For both homes and new construction projects, considering the profitability of solar energy is to start saving from the beginning.

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