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The Valencian Community is one of the richest and with the greatest economic potential in Spain. However, if we want to be one of the regions that generates the most wealth – clean wealth – in Spain, we should pay attention to how companies work in the area and, above all, how they manage their energy. Ceramics or footwear are sectors historically located in the area, to which are added others such as the automotive industry, and all of them with an important energy requirement. A fact that becomes another point in favor of Valencia, taking advantage of its enormous solar potential and its wide extension, is erected as one of the regions whose industries could be self-sufficient in energy, to a large extent, thanks to renewables.

With regard to clean energies, we should promote photovoltaic energy so that it becomes the great ally for industries. Since, in addition to being an alternative source to gas consumption, its use significantly lowers production costs. Moreover, it is a source of employment, since it employs more than 22,000 people in the community; In fact, it generates so many jobs that difficulties arise when it comes to finding the right and qualified workforce to give way to all the projects pending development.

Renewable energies are not only beneficial for the fight against climate change and the decarbonization of the economy, but they are the most economical option for companies working and operating in the Valencian Community.

Link to the full article by Bernardo Luís, UNEF delegate in the Valencian Community – Las Provincias

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